Scholarships in Indiana

Scholarships in Indiana

Looking for financial aid that won't add to your debt? Don't dismiss scholarships.

Scholarships are usually awarded on various criteria reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award, and requirements to win scholarships vary as widely as the purposes of the award -- whether it honors your ancestry or your desired career.

Aside from state-provided grants and merit scholarships from the schools themselves, millions of dollars worth of private scholarships in Indianapolis can be found on Simply register for Fastweb, complete your profile, and be matched instantly with scholarships (or occasional internships) unique to your situation.

Here's just a sample of the awards pertinent to Indianapolis students and accessible from Fastweb:

Women's Rotary Club of Indianapolis Scholarship - Purdue University
The Women's Rotary Club of Indianapolis Scholarship is available to female students returning to their studies at Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis. You must 25 or older and be returning after at least three years away from your education. You must also be planning to enter the job market or start a new career to be eligible for this award.

Joel Yonover Scholarship - Central Indiana Community Foundation
The Joel Yonover Scholarship is available to seniors from North Central High School in Indianapolis or Munster High School in Munster, Indiana. You must have at least a B average and demonstrate excellence in the performing arts in school or the community to be eligible for this award.

Isidore Feibleman Scholarship - Indiana University Foundation
The Isidore Feibleman Scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students at Indiana University. You must be a permanent resident of Indianapolis or its vicinity to be considered for this award. You must also demonstrate academic excellence and experience in extracurricular activities.

Minority Teacher/Special Education Services Scholarship - State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana
The Minority Teacher/Special Education Services Scholarship is open to African-American and Hispanic students pursuing teacher certification. Any student seeking special education teaching certification or occupational or physical therapy certification may also apply. To be considered for this award, you must be an Indiana resident and a U.S. citizen, and intend to teach in Indiana upon graduation. You must also be a full-time student, and currently enrolled students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA to be eligible for this award.

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See more information on Indiana state aid, federal financial aid, and the FAFSA.

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