Merchandising and Retail Managers in Indianapolis

Merchandising and Retail Managers in Indianapolis

Retail is one of the largest industries in Indianapolis.

The exchange of goods and services is perhaps the oldest form of business known to humankind. Merchandising is most often associated with marketing a certain brand or company; for example, merchandisers may negotiate a contract with a film director to place their product in an upcoming movie. Retail is the direct selling of products to consumers; for example, supermarkets are retail outlets.

Students completing a Merchandising and/or Retail degree program can expect classes in business concepts, economics, consumer behavior, marketing, advertising, and sales. As you learn merchaniding and retail, you may work on projects that are applicable to the real world

After graduation, there are many career options. Merchandisers might directly liase with store buyers to get them to carry their product. Retail majors may be able to work in retail and sales management at a business directly selling products to customers (as opposed to wholesale – the selling of goods from one business to another).

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